Selling Your House

Selling Your House

Selling your house is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. These days the asset value in one’s residence represents a very large concentration of one’s capital. A seller wants to entrust this important activity to a broker who is careful, experienced, knowledgeable, trusted, creative and hard working.

Mr. Dorsey has embodied these traits while helping owners sell their houses. He has been at it for over 18 years. He has well over 100 satisfied property owner clients who have hired Peter over the years to handle the sale of their properties. Mr. Dorsey is careful to learn the pertinent property information, is knowledgeable with the process, trusted in the community, creative during the selling process and willing to work hard to make a sale happen at a high price with complications at a minimum.

At the root of a careful house selling experience is a broker’s ability to correctly price the property being sold. Pricing these days is something of an art. Peter is particularly good at interpretating market information concerning past sales, pending transactions, currently offered properties. He is in constant touch with real estate activities in the markets that he covers. It is just as important to know the houses that sold as well as the ones that may have been offered and never matched with a buyer. Peter is creative with executing particular marketing strategies tailored to fit each property.

Mr, Dorsey’s prior work experience included working at a major Boston bank in commercial credit and a national insurance company. He has been trained, educated and practiced in business and real estate law, accounting, finance and real estate marketing. He is particularly organized with researching and maintaining files for each property, He often conducts research on a property at the local assessor’s office as well as the South Essex Registry of Deeds or the local historical society. Mr. Dosey pays particular attention to providing area topographical maps and aerial views of properties.

Peter’s firm, Coldwell Banker Residential Real Brokerage, has a leading market presence in most of the towns in which Peter sells real estate. Mr. Dorsey ensures that a property is well positioned on the internet with his own professional grade photography. Coldwell Banker is a major advertiser in the North Shore market. There are many ( over 250 ) Coldwell Banker brokers on the North Shore. This constitutes a large effective marketing team.

Mr. Dorsey is careful to keep the property owner informed at each step of the process, providing helpful feedback on showing and marketing activities. He is well experienced with negotiating offers. He is works well with area lawyers at the time that a purchase and sale agreement is being negotiated. He is careful to expertly handle the myriad of details that lead up to a successful closing.

Mr. Dorsey is ready to help you sell your house.