Philosophy of Service

In many ways, my commitment to careful, hard working and discrete real estate service emulates from the way my father has conducted his medical practice. My father, Dr. William Dorsey, has been a Pediatrician for over 50 years at Beverly Hospital, and many people know him well. He is kind, caring and knowledgeable in his field.

As I was growing up, he cared for many of my friends and their siblings at my schools. He never told me about their ailments or situations…it was private…it was their news to share or not to share, not his.

This is the way I conduct myself with real estate. First, I care deeply for the privacy and well-being of my clients. If a family is considering a move, it is their news to dole out to whom they choose, and when, or if they choose; it is not my news. I am very good at holding secrets in this way on their behalf. What ever I learn about a family during my time of working for them remains private, not food for gossip.

I try to remember the emotions and challenges that each of my clients face. There are different stresses and needs for families whether they be coming to this area for the first time; selling the old family homestead or moving along in life in some significant way.

I become a member of the family for a short time. I work as hard as I can to be on top of the process and to keep my client informed of the stages as they occur. I try to be an attentive real estate broker, and even a “hired nag” at some times, but always compassionate, hard working and discrete…like my father.