Buying a Home

Buying a HomeThere are several professionals who are ready to serve you in the process of buying a home. Whether you are a first time home buyer, or buying your second or third house, getting well-qualified professionals on your team will make the process go smoothly, and to your advantage.

Get an experienced Buyer’s Agent

It is important that you chose an experienced agent who will represent your interests exclusively, and who knows the geographical area in which you are looking. They should also have lots of experience resenting buyers at all price levels. This is exactly what I have been doing for over 20 years, and I would be glad to help you, too! My experience covers Beverly, Beverly Farms, Prides Crossing, Manchester, Essex, Gloucester, Magnolia, Hamilton, Wenham, Topsfield and Ipswich. I will be on your side during the search and negotiations for a new home, and I will protect your personal and financial interests. I can also give you information concerning what your current home is worth, if you are going to be selling and buying. Your broker should be a Realtor; as I am, which means they are a member of the local board of Realtors, and that they carry out the practice of real estate as a professional in accordance to a strict Code of Ethics. Please contact me at any time 978-340-0661 or with any questions you might have.

Consult a mortgage banker

Most buyers need to finance their home purchase. Do some shopping around, or ask me who I would recommend for financing assistance, and who will provide good service. Share your financial information with the mortgage lender. Based on the information you give, the current interest rates and your credit score, the mortgage lender will tell you in what price range you can be looking. It is extremely important to get “pre-approved” by a mortgage lender before you start searching for a house, so you are ready to not only look at properties, but make offers with confidence.

Find a good home inspector

When you find a house you want, and make an offer that is accepted; you have an ample period of time to select inspectors of your own choosing to make sure you have found a sound property. You will need to have the house inspected to make sure there are no serious structural or mechanical defects. I can help you find a good inspector who does a good job inspecting buildings in this area.

Contact an attorney

It is a good idea to select a lawyer who specializes in real estate, rather a friend of a friend who happens to be an attorney, but practices another type of law. Real estate law has its own set of circumstances and practices, especially here in Massachusetts, and you need an experienced real estate attorney by your side when you get into serious negotiations over a specific property. I can give you the names of experienced lawyers in our area who have provided sound legal advice and service to my clients over the years. You will need a lawyer to negotiate for you with the attorney who represents the Seller with the Purchase and Sale Agreement once you have a property under agreement. They can also be helpful with the title insurance and attend the closing with you.