The Essex County Greenbelt Association

CorralThe information on these pages, vis a vis land conservation, is provided by the Essex County Greenbelt Association is a nonprofit land conservation organization. They work with landowners across Essex County to conserve land that is of scenic, ecological and agricultural significance. Since the founding of Greenbelt, they have worked successfully with over 400 landowners to develop and implement conservation plans. Greenbelt acquires land and perpetual conservation restrictions (easements) by gift and purchase. In addition, Greenbelt works in partnership with municipalities, other nonprofit organizations and state and federal agencies on land conservation projects. Through all of these methods Greenbelt has protected over 12,000 acres since their founding in 1961.

The Essex County Greenbelt’s land conservation staff is available, at no charge, to consult with you on land conservation options that meet your specific objectives.

The Essex County Greenbelt Association
82 Eastern Avenue
Essex, MA 01929